Who Are We?

LensFlare is a Portuguese artists group created by Paulo Melo (aka Ray) and Ricardo Silvestre (aka Daimon). This group is dedicated to make original Mangás and other works related to our original stories.

Created in 2008, LensFlare duo has one goal: produce and publish a Portuguese Mangá. Back in 2004, Paulo Melo started “StuntRay: Walter’s Wish” and in 2007, Ricardo Silvestre started “Ultima”. With that goal in our minds, we joined forces and started the remake of “StuntRay” and the translation to English. “Ultima” is in an early phase and will only be released when “StuntRay” is finished.

We are an amateur group with limited equipment and we have so much to learn but we have the motivation to go far.


One Response to “Who Are We?”

  1. Olá Ricardo e Paulo,

    Antes demais obrigada por terem colocado o nosso link no vosso blog, já tínhamos ido visitar (como devem ter notado ^_^) e ficámos supreendidas com a vossa iniciativa.
    Teremos bastante prazer em colocar o vosso link é claro, e se no entretanto criarem um banner avisem-nos que o colocaremos também logo que possível!

    Boa sorte com o vosso projecto, vizinhos 😀

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