StuntRay: Walter’s Wish


The story of StuntRay happens in a world that was recently attacked by a strange race called Dhémins. A race that is very similar to vampires.
Apparently, all humans are capable of turning in to a Dhémin if they enter in contact with one of the vampire Dhémins.

The vampire Dhémins consists in six exceptional Dhémins that appeared two years before the humans started to become Dhémins themselves. Every one of them has unique characteristics and abilities and they can be identified by a strange mark that each one have in their face.

The main character is Raymond! A Dhémin hunter, that is recently on a mission that consists in total annihilation of the six vampire dhemins. But in his secondary mission (that consists in protecting a young boy named Akira) he will establish bounds and meet people that will change the way that he acts and think!
When he starts working with Simon (a scientist that is trying to discover something behind the Dhémin race) he will soon find out the truth about the world and the fact that he himself is part of something that will change the world forever. Especially when he discovers that all of this is happening because of a wish of one single man!

StuntRay Walter’s wish, is a story full of action and suspense and still have room for comedy and romance.


~ by LensFlare Studio on October 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “StuntRay: Walter’s Wish”

  1. The story is awesome, the characters are very cool and it’s creator has an unique way of drawing.
    I think it is worth watching since it has everything it needs for a good story.

  2. Thanks Wolfkin! 🙂 You’re StuntRay’s number 1 fan. XD

    As always…we count on you to know if the story is doing well.

    Thanks for your suport. 😉

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